The screen shot on the right shows the home page for the Submarine On Board Training web site. This site is still up, but a password is now required to enter it.

The image in the upper left of the content area is a Flash animation with changing photos of submarines. The image changes when the user moves the mouse over the buttons on the blue menu bar at the far left. [See more.]

A semi-transparent fly-out moves out over the photo, containing a description of the current button. The buttons are outside of the Flash movie, not part of the Flash object itself.

Very cool! This is an example of how to control a Flash movie from outside the movie itself. Macromedia's web site tells how to do this.

This screen shot shows one detail page from a set of pages used to display the status of Submarine On Board Training (SOBT) products currently under development.

The data is generated from a Microsoft Access database and is used to populate one main page branching to a set of mission area pages, which further branch to a set of detail pages (approximately 100 pages).

The banner was created with Adobe Photoshop. The two logos were originally created with Adobe Illustrator, then brought into Photoshop to add them to the banner.

Much of my early experience in web development came from working on the web site of the State of Connecticut Department of Labor []. This site is still online, but it has changed so much over the years that it is no longer representative of my own work.

If my qualifications are of interest to you as an employer, please contact me by E-mail.
This page was last updated on:  April 22, 2004.