Name: Karen Thomsen
Address: New London, CT
Mail and phone:  Please contact me by e-mail to obtain my current mailing address and phone number.
Web Development and Graphic Design.
Web Development:

HTML, DHTML, Java, JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX controls, Cascading Style Sheets, Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks, HomeSite, FrontPage, Active Server Pages.

Wrote HTML code, using a text editor such as Notepad, as well as development tools such as Dreamweaver, HomeSite, and FrontPage.
Developed Web page banners with Fireworks, using slice objects to create JavaScript button rollovers.
Developed custom ActiveX controls using Visual Basic.
Wrote JavaScript and VBScript code to call methods of ActiveX controls, to change button images on mouseover, etc.
Created and programmed interactive Flash pages, using ActionScript.


Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, ImageReady, PageMaker, Flash, Director, Fireworks, Freehand, CorelDRAW, Paint Shop Pro, AutoTrol Tech Illustrator, AutoCAD.

Developed Web page graphics, including interactive Flash pages, button sets, "sliced" tab banners, interlaced images, and transparent backgrounds. This work was done using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Flash, and Fireworks.
Developed graphics for print media, such as logos, brochures, and newsletters. This work was done both on the drawing board, and electronically using Adobe Illustrator and CorelDraw.
Developed technical drawings for tech manuals, including 3D isometric, dimetric, and trimetric illustrations of mechanical parts breakdown; electrical and hydraulic schematics; flow charts, logic trees, and block diagrams. This work was done using AutoTrol Tech Illustrator and AutoCAD.
Cartooning: drew original cartoons (on the drawing board, using pencil, pen and ink), which were used in slide shows, newspaper ads, and magazine ads.


Visual Basic, C/C++, Softbench, UNIX shell scripts, SQL, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

Developed a Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) system using Visual Basic.
Developed and maintained C programs for batch processing, using Softbench (an X-windows application from HP) running on an HP-UX UNIX server.
Wrote UNIX shell scripts using the Korn shell on HP-UX, and the Bourne and C shells on Solaris.
Wrote SQL code as follows: embedded within PowerBuilder scripts, embedded within Visual Basic, in FoxPro programs, in SQL modules called by C programs, as a part of Oracles's PL/SQL extension to the SQL language.

Office Applications:

Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Outlook, WordPerfect.

Operating Systems:

UNIX, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP.


BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS, Art, December 1970.
Drake University, 2507 University Avenue, Des Moines, Iowa 50311.

Concentration in Graphic Arts, with a minor in Humanities.
Foreign study in Venice, Italy.


MASTER OF SCIENCE, Computer and Information Science, August 1998.
University of New Haven, 300 Orange Avenue, West Haven, CT 06516.
Grade point average: 4.1.

Concentration in Application Software including Computer Graphics, Advanced Computer Graphics, and Digital Image Processing.
The topic for my project course was Ray Tracing.

From 3/99 to present:

SUBMARINE ON BOARD TRAINING (SOBT), U.S. Navy, Naval Submarine School, Box 700, Bldg. 533, Naval Submarine Base, Groton, CT 06349.
[ Submarine On Board Training (SOBT) - U.S. Navy ]
As civilian contractor employed by:
      RAYTHEON COMPANY, 870 Winter Street, Waltham, MA 02451. (2/03 - present)
      TESCO, INC., 3233 Executive Park Circle, Mobile, AL 36606. (3/99 - 1/03)

Converted existing IconAuthor courseware to HTML format.
Converted existing HTML courseware to follow the Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard, to work in Netscape as well as Internet Explorer, and to be Section 508-compliant.
Developed and maintained the SOBT Web site ( ).
Wrote technical specifications for HTML-based courseware development being done by outside contractors.
Designed and developed a Computer Managed Instruction (CMI) system and database for use on board submarines.

From 8/97 to 3/99:

COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION (CSC), Technology Management Group, 100 Winnenden Road, Norwich, CT 06360.
[ Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) ]

Provided support for the Submarine Aquisition and Support system and database, containing logistics information for Electric Boat submarines.
Developed and maintained C programs for the Interface Control System to handle the processing of incoming and outgoing files to and from other systems.
Developed and maintained PowerBuilder windows and scripts, UNIX shell scripts, and Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.

From 5/95 to 8/97:

STATE OF CONNECTICUT DEPARTMENT OF LABOR, Office of Research, 200 Folly Brook Boulevard, Wethersfield, CT 06109.
[ Connecticut State Department of Labor (CTDOL) ]

Web site development for the CT Department of Labor's Web site ( ). I was a member of the team that created the original version of this web site when it first went online.
Graphics for electronic and print media.
Applications development, using FoxPro and PowerBuilder, for Labor Market Information (LMI) systems.
Development of user documentation.

From 9/82 to 5/95:

ANALYSIS & TECHNOLOGY, INC., 258 Bank St., New London, CT 06320.

Technical illustration, including 3D isometric, dimetric, and trimetric illustrations developed from engineering drawings.
Customers included Sikorsky Aircraft, Grumman, Pratt & Whitney, and Hamilton Standard.
Graphic design, cartooning, slide shows, and typesetting.
Database design for tracking and invoicing of illustration work orders.
Second shift supervisor.
Training and proofreading.

From 8/94 to 12/95:

UNIVERSITY OF NEW HAVEN, Southeastern CT branch (Groton & New London, CT).

Responsible for university computer lab.
Installed software and performed troubleshooting.
Assisted and tutored students in Pascal, C, and C++ languages, and in the use of word processing software.
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