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Welcome to my site. I created this site to showcase my portfolio and my resume... [more]
Very cool! A screen shot showing the home page for the SOBT web site, which I designed using Flash. A semi-transparent fly-out moves out over the photo, containing a description of the current button. The buttons are outside of the Flash movie, not part of the Flash object itself. This is an example of how to control a Flash movie from outside the movie itself... [more]
I had a pretty good photo of myself, but I wanted to remove the ugly computers in the background, to soften up the dark areas behind me, and to remove the stark white edge of a computer blocking my shoulder in the lower left corner of the picture... [more]
I am skilled in HTML - both by hand-coding in a text editor such as Notepad, and by using development tools such as Dreamweaver. I have developed web graphics, including interactive Flash pages, button sets, "sliced" tab banners, and transparent backgrounds. I have developed graphics for print media, such as logos, brochures, and newsletters... [more]

Flash Demos:

Snowflakes: Animation

Photo Gallery: Nature Photos

If my qualifications are of interest to you as an employer, please contact me by E-mail.
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