Brochure for the Boston Bartenders School of America.

I did the design, layout, and all the illustrations for this four-fold brochure. The illustrations were done using pen-and-ink. I created the color-separated mechanicals for delivery to the printer.

This project was done as freelance work in 1984.

Logo design for the Connecticut Learns and Works Conference, sponsored by the Connecticut State Department of Labor and others.

This logo was used on promotional brochures and conference-day handouts such as folders, event schedule, etc.

I was employed by the Connecticut State Department of Labor from May 1995 to August 1997.

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CD cover for the "Submarine Force Past, Present, and Future" CD - a multimedia presentation about the history of the U.S. Naval Submarine Force.

This product was produced by the Submarine On Board Training office. I began working for Submarine On Board Training in March of 1999.

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